Baib Ngwan

Baib Ngwan

• Baib Ngwan is a writer at heart and she projects it into a career and day-to-day life; she believes that writing is one of the most important things that have built her since she found love in it at young age
• She pays attention to little details and somehow, she falls in love with analysis, especially of things relating to culture, traditions, and metaphysical
• She enjoys good stories and would pick novels over films - but when she watches mainstream films and series, she gives monumental reviews; she enjoys good fiction but would choose docufictions


Baib Ngwan has been writing and editing for the past 7 years. She has worked for print media and internet; and has written on a very wide range of topics. She has created over 600 articles that have reached people across the globe.

Baib has written for Natifz Times, Jukebugs, Loveohlust, Richathletes, Wiredbugs, Weafrique, and Oddybugs among many others. Away from these, she shares stories on social media and creates fashion in many ways trough 28Closet.

Besides these, she has taught English language and literature to young people within the ages of 12 to 20. Writing and SEO are other things that she has taught people who have become professional web content creators.


Baib graduated with an honours in Linguistics from University of Jos. She also took courses on feature writing, SEO, and digital marketing.
She is an extensive reader on a numerous topics and pays close attention to self-development and mental growth; finance, and analysis.

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