Hanie Hara

Hanie Hara

• Hanie Hara has always had a thing for intense research and surfing all possible sources for information even before joining the field of professional writing because she has had quite a wandering mind.

• Hanie’s love for writing has been innate for as long as can be remembered and she began sharing her talent with the world through social media with her short and sometimes lengthy stories and so far, she considers herself a very great storyteller.

• With a huge hunger to know what is happening around the world and in a bid to answer the numerous questions that pop into her mind, together with the love for writing, Hanie has managed to merge both interests and has found herself deep in this world where research is formed into original and unique words to create a fantastic story that would enthrall all readers.


Hanie Hara has been writing for many years now, beginning with stories coined from her experiences. As a hobby, it would date as far back as 10 years now. Her first widely shared and publicized story was made sometime in 2018 and this was inspired by an experience she had. Prior to this, she had only been sharing her thoughts and ideas for fun and has been engaging a wide range of audiences, on an amateur level.

Professionally, Hanie has been a writer for about 3 years and it doesn’t look like she is ready to stop any time soon. Soon after graduating from college, she bagged her writing job through referrals from a story she shared on her personal platform and she has only continued to grow as a writer and editor ever since.

For her past time, Hanie Hara continues to write personally. She also mixes her love for writing with reading more, researching better through surfing the internet and watching movies, docuseries, or just follow-ups on social media.


Hara is a graduate of History and International Studies where she graduated with a B.Sc. from the University of Jos, Nigeria, in 2017.
During her studies, she was exposed to the importance of proper and intense research. Additionally, she was trained to write a lot and ended up submitting a project of over 100 pages as part of her final-year requirements.

Outside conventional learning, Hanie Hara has also picked interest in, and taken several writing courses.

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